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Hi Everyone

I’ve been a bit quiet on the pattern designing front, because I was trying to photograph my bead creations. It’s so difficult trying to get a good photographic result. It’s either over exposed, under exposed, blurry. I have a small light tent, two small lamps, tripod and a digital SLR camera. But I lack the professional know how in how to get a decent piccy. Anyway a friend of mine is a wedding photographer, so I asked her for a morning’s tutorial in how to use my equipment in exchange for fixing a necklace of hers. I now think I’ve got a better understanding of apertures, shutter speed and such like. Oh well, the proof is in the pudding. I’ll have to get going and have a good play now.

I have however, managed to design a pattern. I was inspired by a photo from my French travels. In the Languedoc region, village doors were adorned with these strange looking dried flowers, which later I found out were called Cardabelles.  They are natural barometers and close before bad weather and open up when it’s good. They are meant to ward off evil spirits, a superstition which seems likely to relate to the plague story. The spiky part of the flower inspired my new pattern called ‘Cardabelle’ funnily enough. Click on the pattern thumbnail for a step by step guide in creating this pattern. Plus you’ll find plenty of others on my Tangle Patterns page.

The Cardabelle