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Hi Everyone

I have two new patterns for you called Crobe and Horse Chestnut.

Click on the thumbnails for a step by step guide on how to create the patterns. You’ll also find oodles more on my tangle patterns page


Horse Chestnut

I’ve always got more than one project on the go. Apart from trying to squeeze in a tangle pattern or two, I’ve been sock knitting.  I’m using the authentic knitting board sock loom which is great and the website is very helpful with lots of hints, tips and videos. http://www.knittingboard.com/. I’ve also been teaching myself how to knit socks on needles. This is the most adventurous I’ve been with knitting as I always knit scarves. My first foray into trying to knit socks on a loom was with a circular one. The result was hilarious, just look at the heel.

So I abandoned the circular loom for the knitting board. Much better results.

To finish the toe use the Kitchener stitch which gives a much neater seem than the one suggested on the knitting board website.

I’m currently working on some long red socks for my youngest daughter who is freezing to bits at Leeds Uni.
 The next photo is my attempt in knitting toe-up socks on circular needles. I used the Judy Becker’s magic cast on, it gives invisible results.

Using knitting needles are quicker but I’m not happy with the loose stitches around the toe area. I don’t get that with the knitting loom. Anyone have any suggestions?

see you later.
Hugs x