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Hope you like my new 6×6″ Tribal hand stencil which you can buy now from

This is how I played with it.

I started with dabs of Americana acrylic paint on a water colour paper that I had primed previously with gesso. I then smooshed together the paint for the background and dried it with a heat gun.
I spritzed all over with Rangers Dylusions Ink and dried that off.
I then wrote all over the paper with a white pen the verse.
‘This is my hand, my hand will do a thousand loving things for you’.
Using the Tribal hand stencil I applied molding paste and with a spatula and then carefully lifted the stencil (wash the stencil immediately) and dried the molding paste with a heat gun.
IMG_7475_small IMG_7477_small
Tilting the paper at an angle I dribbled Winsor & Newton inks using a pipette letting the contours of the molding paste determine the path of the ink. I quickly blasted with a heat gun in between each colour dribble.
With metalic rubbing creams I used a cotton bud and
applied it to the relief part of the hand. Which in my opinion dulled down the ending result. The hand need to pop, so whilst the creams were still damp I went over with a ivory perfect pearls which brought the hand back to life.
Finally I printed the verse onto tissue paper using my inkjet printer.
Cut into strips and glued into place. You can find out how to print onto tissue paper from this Youtube video


Thank you.