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Hello All
I’ve created this artwork using my stencil called warped holes from Stencil girl and using my tangle patterns (with the exception of one) to fill the gaps, Tangle patterns used.
Lap (mine) Veinz (mine) Shyp (mine) Crowned border (by Suzanne McNeill).
9×12 Warped hole stencil from http://www.stencilgirlproducts.com/product-p/l225.htm

IMG_7689 copy

IMG_7671 copy
My warped hole stencil which can be purchased from StencilGirl.
I lightly taped it down to stop it from shifting whilst drawing through the holes.
I used a Micron 01 pen and 250gsm A4 multipurpose copy paper.
IMG_7672 copy
IMG_7674 copy
Now the outlining is finished. I need to choose what patterns to use to fill the holes. I keep a file of my tangle patterns so I browsed through them to see which one would be suitable. *TIP* photocopy your design to try out some patterns first. It would be a shame to ruin your original to a pattern you didn’t like.
IMG_7675 copy
IMG_7678 copy
I particularly like Crowned borders pattern by Suzanne McNeill.
IMG_7682 copy
Now that’s finished I took a long time thinking about what colours I’d like to use.
I love the colours from India, with their pinks, oranges, blues, turquoise and greens.
IMG_7683 copy
IMG_7686 copy
I have selection of alcohol based markers, Pro-markers, Flexmarkers and Kuretake Kurecolor twin markers. I prefer the Kurecolour markers as they are a juicy pen, refillable and blend better than Pro-markers in my opinion.
IMG_7688 copy
IMG_7689 copy
The finished piece.