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Hello again.
Today my eldest daughter came over to have a crafty day with me and experiment with deColourant. This is a discharge medium which takes the colour away from natural fibre fabrics and paper, rather like bleach would , but without harming the fabric and is completely non-toxic. So whilst she was playing with my stash of wooden stamp blocks I thought I would see how one of my stencils would work. I chose my 6″x6″ Rose window design a rather intricate one.
This can be purchased here. http://www.stencilgirlproducts.com/stencil-rose-window-lizzie-mayne-p/s217.htm


Here are the results.
IMG_7803 copyI taped around the edge just to give me an extra border width. Next I placed the stencil on a hand dyed tea cloth in the colour of denim. To assist with the placing of the stencil I folded the tea cloth and ironed to give me fold creases. (Easy to iron out again.)

DeColourant Plus which  acts the same way as deColourant, but in one step it removes the color (like deColourant) and adds new color to replace the removed colour. (sounds complicated, you’ll get the idea as we go along)
IMG_7804 copyhttp://www.i-kandi.com/decolourant.asp?idCategory=44
IMG_7805 copyCut up some scouring sponges as daubers and eventually found a use for my saved  dessert pots. ( desserts are delicious by the way)
IMG_7807 copyDeColourant are mixable so make up what ever colour you want. You only need the three primary colours plus white and black.
IMG_7812 copyhold the stencil in place whilst daubing the colour on.
IMG_7809 copy IMG_7810 copyThese colours become more vivid once dried and heat set with an iron.
Once the colours were done I then cleaned the stencil in warm water and a droplet of washing up liquid, dried and used again but with just the plain deColurant which just takes the colour away.
IMG_7814 copy IMG_7815 copyAgain hold the stencil steady and just pounce the medium on. (TIP. don’t over saturate the fabric as the medium can leak under the stencil). Once the stencil is removed you must let the deColourant dry either air dry or if you are impatient like me use a heat gun at a distance and a swirly motion as not scorch the cloth.
IMG_7816 copyWhen the dried the clear deColourant all but disappears. You need to heat set fabric and deColourant with the iron set to a cotton setting and with the steam turned off. Then watch the Magic! begin.  Move the iron over the fabric until you can see a change, don’t hold the iron in too long a spot otherwise you’ll scorch the fabric.
IMG_7819 copy Voila!The colours become more vibrant and the clear deColourant part of the fabric looks as if the fabric has been bleached.
IMG_7820 copy
Hope you enjoyed this little step by step playtime of mine and my daughters.
Danielle’s efforts playing with the deColourant and Indian wood block stamps.
danielle danielle2