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Cure for an obsession: Get another one.

My name is Elizabeth Mayne. I live in a village about 20 minutes away from Winchester in Hampshire, UK. I am married with three grown up children and four grandchildren. Two cats and a dog. I am a Designer and create digital images for the craft market. I also contribute as an artist for Silhouette America. You can find hundreds of my designs for sale at http://www.silhouetteonlinestore.com/php/?page=view-artist&artist_id=75846

I am a Francophile and am mad about France and it’s language. I have been studying the language for years but can’t seem to get past the intermediate stage. I hope to retire there one day.

I’ve had various careers. I started work at 16 yrs old at an MOD establishment and trained as a wireperson making cables for the Navy (can’t say more than that because I had to sign the Official Secrets Act back in the 70’s) LOL. I then progressed from there to become an electronics prototype technician for the telecommunications industry at the start of the mobile phone era.

As a housewife with children to look after, I became interested in crafts, needlepoint, quilting, making curtains for the home, roman blinds, papier-mâché, faux-paint effects, etc. You name it and I’ve had a go at it.

After the children had grown up and as a mature student I went back to college and trained as Graphic Designer. I love dabbling with digital imagery.

Lately I came across Zentangling and now I’m hooked on that. With Zentangling one can create beautiful and intricate designs by using repetitive patterns. Most patterns come with step by step guides and with these one can create unique and individual pieces of art. There are thousands of patterns out there on the internet. Plus my own designs which can be found here on my blog.

Anyway that’s me in a nutshell.

Take care and hope you enjoy the rest of my blog.



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40 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Well done Lizzie, wishing you all the best in your new endeavour!

  2. Hi Lizzie… a great site, and a very versitile owner.. I did not know you have all that experience behind you. Love you, hope to see you all soon – again!!! Margo

  3. Hello,
    I just want to inform you that there is a misspelling in the french house sign «chien mérchant». It should be spelled «chien méchant» without the «r».


  4. Elizabeth, I found you through Silhouette site. I am looking for a cutting file similar to your file Dahalia Flower mat. May I send you a photo of what I am looking for?
    Thanks, Lora

  5. Carole Eaton said:

    Hello Elizabeth. I have just come across you in the silhouette site ?I am in New Zealand but originally born in the new forest area and my father was with the Navy ( he was a NZ Flyer in WW2 ) I am into multi media Art and all things sewn! I am looking into the Digital Die cuts but at moment use big shot or cut by hand. I have used many photoshop programmes and am pretty conversant with the computer through my work over the years. I am looking forward to using some of your products. I think I. Will have to have another Life time! Cheers from the land of the Hobbit!

  6. Hi LIzzie, I bought your Union Jack rhinestone heart from Silhouette, but it’s not a complete project. Is it supposed to be done in different layers so that you don’t have to lay out each stone individually? Seems like I would have been better off just converting my own heart to a rhinestone pattern. Not sure why it was presented as a Union Jack? Am I missing something? Thanks.

    • Hi Amanda
      Thank you for your enquiry. I thought the very same too but I put this question to silhouette when designing the rhinestone heart. They said to submitted as a rhinestone filled heart and the thumbnail it comes with will help the purchaser of the file to see where the colours should go. I’m not sure if my answer helps you any further. Try contacting silhouette and see what they say. support@silhouette.com

  7. Hi Lizzie – Love your work – just purchaced the bull mask from silhoutte – very cute – going to use it at a boy scout party. I ran into a problem – the bull does not have his evebrows in the purchased design – can you help? Thanks Toni Howe

    • Hi Toni
      Thank you for your query. I am sorry that you have not had the complete file from Silhouette store I will resend them an updated file and email you the same one too. Please accept my apologies if this has cause you any inconvenience.

  8. Lizzie, I am a brand new Silhouette user and it took me all of 15 minutes to figure out that all the patterns I love in the store are yours. I see that your patterns are for personal use only. Would you ever consider negotiating a commercial price? Thank you, and keep designing those beautiful patterns!

    • Hello Elan
      Thank you for your kind comments on my designs. I can offer you a commercial licence I will email you with the details, plus a few inquiries.

  9. Hi
    I bought your shadow box frame from the silhouette store are you able to give me assembly instructions?

    • Hello
      Thank you for the enquiry. If you go to my tutorial page on this site then you’ll find how to assemble the box at the end of ‘how to make a box frame in Silhouette Studio part 2’ video. It’ll be in picture format. If you have any further queries just let me know.

  10. Hi Lizzie! I would like to use your “Indian Elephant And Temple” panting as my album artwork. Would that be ok with you? If so how could I buy it for that purpose?

    • Hello Chris
      Thanks for your enquiry. I can sell you the artwork under an unlimited commercial licence. Please can you tell me where you saw my artwork.


      • Well I was searching for Asian Indian elephant paintings on google images. Most of them didn’t have the look my web designer and I created for the album I’m finishing up right now. I came across your painting but it was stripped down with just the elephant with a white background. I browsed until I found some information on you so I could give you some of my own ideas to incorporate into the unfinished painting. Then I came across the finished image and I liked how vibrant and fresh it was, so that’s how I ended up here.

      • Thank you for liking my elephant and temple. I am pleased that you would like to use my artwork on your album. Could you tell me a bit about yourself. you can email if you prefer. lijesm@gmail.com where we can discuss purchasing my artwork.

  11. Jeanne Herod said:

    I just purchased your “A you’re Adorable” cut from Silhouette and was wondering if you have any plans on doing the whole alphabet? I have done many scrapbooks for my kids, nieces, nephews and cousins using the words to this song and usually cut my own, but I love the style of yours.

  12. Hi Lizzie, I love your designs on silhouette site. It’s like whenever I find a patter I love, I automatically know if it’s yours. You have a distinct style and I love the intricacies of your patterns. I have a question on “paisley drops pattern” Design ID #55273. Will it cut as a circle? It kinda feels like the individual drops will fall out separately? Please clarify. Sorry if I am asking a silly question. I wanted it to be in a circle with paisley shapes inside, will purchase after I hear from you. Thanks!

  13. Lizzie I purchased your “Happy Anniversary Darling” cutting design from Silhoutte and I’m having problems with it. I don’t quite understand how it’s put together. I cut the different layers but when I cut the layer that says “Happy Anniversary” I can’t get it to cut properly. I tried several times with different settings and a new blade but the lines are too small. Are all the layers meant to be cut? Or are they to be sketched? Thank you for your help. Hazel

    • Hello Hazel
      I’m sorry you are experiencing problems with your design. I will email you with solutions and explanation on how it should be assembled.

  14. Tina Harbers said:

    Is there anyway to get images you have on the Silhouette Store as an SVG? I don’t have a Silhouette but I have a Cricut Explorer.

  15. Jeanne Herod said:

    I was just wondering if you are going to make the rest of the alphabet for the “a you’re adorable” cuts for Silhouette? I bought the ones you have on the site and would like to make a scrapbook with the rest of the alphabet. If not, could you tell me what font you used and maybe I can finish it up myself. I would really appreciate it.

    • Hello Thank you for your query. I don’t intend to upload anymore but the font I used was Motion Picture for the Capital letters and Lobster 1.4 for the smaller text. They can both be found on Da font website. I Hope that helps.

  16. Lizzie, can you please contact me via email or facebook? I have included your wonderful Splinters tangle in my new shading guide, would love it if you could write a review for the webpage.

  17. Kelley Grandy said:

    Hi Lizzie. I saw your Rubik’s cube on the Silhouette store and wondered if you could design something similar to the cube on this shirt? My daughter would like to make it for her older brother for Christmas. She plans on printing it in black iron on vinyl. Thank you. http://www.redbubble.com/people/jitterink/works/12331521-rubiks-cube-black?grid_pos=59&p=t-shirt

  18. Hi Lizzie. I bought the monogram card (letter R) but I am having hard time when I cut. It seem the good letter shape stay on the pad. Do I need to cut a another card to glue ? Do you have a tutorial?

  19. Hi Lizzie,
    I bought the 50th anniversary design on silhouette america and I was not able to get the “th” to cut out properly. I thought you had later designed it with the “th” separated from the 50. Is it possible to get that particular svg file from you?

    • Hello Kathryn
      Thank you for your enquiry. I have amended the design and submitted it to silhouette america. Meanwhile I will respond to the rest of the inquiry via email.

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