Please do NOT copy/edit/steal my artwork and claim it as yours. I’ve worked hard on these pieces. Thank you.


Ebony & Ivory

Jib Mandala

This artwork is from the Zendalla challenge #8 on

A new piece of artwork. These Mandalas were created from the pattern Hastate.

This piece was entered into a competition at and is called Stacks. We had to create a stack that is so bent over and misshapen-ed that there’s no way it would actually be able to stand on it’s own if it were made up of real objects.

‘Henge Stacks’ Nov 2011

This is design was for competition at The challenge was to use 5 tangle patterns from the pattern list located on the lineweaving site.

Daisy 5 pattern challenge – Nov 2011

This piece is created with the Onion Heart Tangle pattern.

This one is created with the Shyp Tangle pattern

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7 thoughts on “Artwork”

  1. your ebony and ivory is gorgeous!

  2. hengestacks is my favorite.

  3. These are so unique and detailed. I adore your pattern, “Shyp”. I love boats and it reminds me of building Dory’s with my father when I was much younger. Best wishes to your day.

  4. This is a topic which iѕ close to my heart… Many thanks!
    Wɦere are your contact details though?

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