19 thoughts on “Tangle Patterns”

  1. Love your patterns Lizzie! Looking forward to seeing them in our pattern library at http://Lineweaving.com/forums . I know the other tanglers over there are going to enjoy them too!

    Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

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  3. hi Lizzie I’m from Christchurch New Zealand just found you through The rainbow Elephant you have great tangles. I had a bit of a giggle with your name with my name tag is Lizmay which is a comb of my 2 middle names lol :O)

  4. Thanks for sharing your ideas

  5. Love your work, most of your tangles “speak” to me…keep up the great work!!!

  6. you are so creative, thankyou for sharing

  7. OMGoodness Lizzie, I am new to tangles, but found you in the past few days and this page blew my mind.

    Question, would you please tell me/us what media you used on the Hastate 1 rainbow colors? My friend and I have done many kinds of art/crafts and do not understand what you might have used.

    At first I thought maybe it was colored pencils, but if so how did you get the variegated effect on the lines and not show any differences in the lines?

    Thanks so much, this the best find of all time and will be searching more, Trena

    • Hello Trena
      Thank you for your kind comments about my tangles. I scanned the pattern into Photoshop. I then added a multi-coloured gradient in a new layer and set the blend to overlay with opacity at 70%. That should do it. (Tip if you drag the gradient cross over the image in different directions you get a wonderful array of colours, but make sure the gradient mode is set to difference)
      If you have any more questions I will be happy to help.


  8. Love your tangles. They are innovative and creative.

  9. Hi Lizzie, I am here rearing to go, I love your work, love love it.

  10. Hi Lizzie, I am a big fan of your patterns , jewelry and artwork. I post you patterns on my 2 FB Zentangle sites, so I can help you get more people to your site, so they can learn more about you. I always include the address to your site. I hope this is a standard that you do not feel is infringing your rights. Thanks again for all your super Tangle patterns. Best wishes to your day. Marguerite W. Meara

  11. Sharon Sterner said:

    Hi Lizzie, I wanted to post a link to your page here, on my FB Art Page
    I like to show “how to” stuff along with my art and help promote other artist. I’m on several FB Tangle and art groups. I saw some of your stuff Marguerite posted and fell in love with your vids.
    As an artist I understand asking permission for “sharing” our work. I hope you look at my stuff, “Like” my page and allow me to add your link for other to see your page and learn.
    thank you so much.
    Sharon Sterner

  12. thanks for sharing. love all of them

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