Stencil and doodle artwork


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Hello All
I’ve created this artwork using my stencil called warped holes from Stencil girl and using my tangle patterns (with the exception of one) to fill the gaps, Tangle patterns used.
Lap (mine) Veinz (mine) Shyp (mine) Crowned border (by Suzanne McNeill).
9×12 Warped hole stencil from

IMG_7689 copy

IMG_7671 copy
My warped hole stencil which can be purchased from StencilGirl.
I lightly taped it down to stop it from shifting whilst drawing through the holes.
I used a Micron 01 pen and 250gsm A4 multipurpose copy paper.
IMG_7672 copy
IMG_7674 copy
Now the outlining is finished. I need to choose what patterns to use to fill the holes. I keep a file of my tangle patterns so I browsed through them to see which one would be suitable. *TIP* photocopy your design to try out some patterns first. It would be a shame to ruin your original to a pattern you didn’t like.
IMG_7675 copy
IMG_7678 copy
I particularly like Crowned borders pattern by Suzanne McNeill.
IMG_7682 copy
Now that’s finished I took a long time thinking about what colours I’d like to use.
I love the colours from India, with their pinks, oranges, blues, turquoise and greens.
IMG_7683 copy
IMG_7686 copy
I have selection of alcohol based markers, Pro-markers, Flexmarkers and Kuretake Kurecolor twin markers. I prefer the Kurecolour markers as they are a juicy pen, refillable and blend better than Pro-markers in my opinion.
IMG_7688 copy
IMG_7689 copy
The finished piece.

New video. How to make part of a shape’s line perforated in Silhouette studio.

Hello everyone
I belong to a Facebook group called UK Silhouette Cameo chums. Questions are often posed on there where sometimes the answer isn’t quite clear. Now I love a challenge. I will go away and work it out then make a short video of the answer if the written explanation is too complicated or long winded to write.
This question was asked: Is there a way of making just one line of a shape perforated? for folding?  Here is the result.

New video rotation and duplication in Silhouette Studio

Hi everyone
Just a quick video on duplication and rotation in Silhouette Studio. This is handy if you want to make a flower or rotate shapes in a circle but your not sure about calculating how many degrees you want. for e.g you want 12 petals and not sure what degrees of rotation that requires. A simple sum of 360 (degrees in a circle) divide by 12 (number of petals)= 30 degrees. 360/12=30. So rotate and duplicate by 30 degrees gives you evenly spaced petals.

Tribal hand stencil artwork


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Hope you like my new 6×6″ Tribal hand stencil which you can buy now from

This is how I played with it.

I started with dabs of Americana acrylic paint on a water colour paper that I had primed previously with gesso. I then smooshed together the paint for the background and dried it with a heat gun.
I spritzed all over with Rangers Dylusions Ink and dried that off.
I then wrote all over the paper with a white pen the verse.
‘This is my hand, my hand will do a thousand loving things for you’.
Using the Tribal hand stencil I applied molding paste and with a spatula and then carefully lifted the stencil (wash the stencil immediately) and dried the molding paste with a heat gun.
IMG_7475_small IMG_7477_small
Tilting the paper at an angle I dribbled Winsor & Newton inks using a pipette letting the contours of the molding paste determine the path of the ink. I quickly blasted with a heat gun in between each colour dribble.
With metalic rubbing creams I used a cotton bud and
applied it to the relief part of the hand. Which in my opinion dulled down the ending result. The hand need to pop, so whilst the creams were still damp I went over with a ivory perfect pearls which brought the hand back to life.
Finally I printed the verse onto tissue paper using my inkjet printer.
Cut into strips and glued into place. You can find out how to print onto tissue paper from this Youtube video


Thank you.

How to erase objects in Illustrator and Inkscape, a video tutorial


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I belong to several Facebook groups that are connected to Silhouette Cameo and it’s software Silhouette Studio.  I am asked sometimes how to do things. I don’t profess to be an expert in this program but it does help that I am a designer for Silhouette and can find my way around the software fairly quickly because I use other vector applications such as Illustrator which I use on a daily basis, it’s my first love and I’m very familiar with it. Inkscape I use occasionally and drop in and out of as I find that both programs are better at some things than the others.  Today I have made a new video on how to erase in both Illustrator and Inkscape as that was a question asked of me. Below is the tutorial.