Click on the thumbnails for a hi-res image (a few are not so hi-res).Try to be patient as they may take a while for the page to load. Please note the terms and conditions of usage are at the bottom of the page.

Rusty metal:

Lichen and Stone:

Wood and Seaweed:

Tree, Moss and Ivy:


These textures are Copyright ©Lizzie Mayne 2011-2014. They have all been taken by my camera.
They are free to use for all uses, whether commercial or non-commercial (you may incorporate them into your derived work with no requirement to pay us any licensing fee etc). Your derived work must involve significant modification to the textures. It would be nice if you could credit me.
You may not sell any of these textures in an unmodified form, or any derived works where the product you are selling is still a texture and is likely to compete with this website.
You may redistribute (give/send to somebody else/display on a web site) up to 30 of these textures together, but no more. You must credit this website as the original source (tell them about us).
These textures are suitable for use in 3d Studio Max, Maya, Blender, Photoshop and other such rendering and graphic design packages. They are in the industry standard ‘jpeg’ format.

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  1. Some truly good blog posts on this website , thanks for contribution.

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